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Core Update Changelog 39 -> 39.1
Jul 17, 2014, 10:56 AM by Mundoo
This update brings some changes to the SmartScript AI system in an attempt to remedy recent issues.

The update will be applied sometime today or tomorrow.
Maintenance Things
Jul 15, 2014, 3:22 PM by Mundoo
Disregard: maintenance finished :3

We're performing some work on the server's network bits... the things with the blinkey lights, mmmm gotta love me some CAT5.

I do not currently have any estimate how long the realms will remain down, but as I get more information from the people in charge of the work, I will keep you posted.

Core Update Changelog 38 -> 39
Jul 3, 2014, 3:34 AM by fireheat
Misc Fixes:

  • Shannox trap reset on wipe fixed.
  • Fix Healing Spell Power.
  • Logging out while in combat now kills you.
  • Fishing now has a chance to grant skill up regardless of whether junk item is caught.
  • Slight attackpower scaling fix.
  • Magmaw damage fix.
  • Maybe fix Random Dungeon Finder rewards.

Spell Fixes:

  • DK ghoul fixed. Unholy ghouls now properly act as minions instead of guardians.
  • Druid Wild Mushroom and Wild Mushroom Detonate spells fixed.(WORKING!)
  • Warlock Bane of Doom now summons Ebon Imp on proc.
  • Priest Shadowy Apparation fixed.
  • Various Profession Spells' cast times fixed.

Sidenote: Firelands is still closed
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