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May Fixes
Jun 3, 2015, 7:55 AM by Chi
A much shorter list than usual because of well, see the other announcement about our downtime. Couldn't work on the server while we were offline so this is all we managed to do in May

- Solidified Solid Ice in Winterspring
- Edited droprate for Living Rot in EPL
- Updated WotLK dungeons Boss loot. Note that some of the dungeons are still closed (ToC, HoR) and that some chests don't work (Cos, Toc)
- Fixed creature loot and pickpocket loot for trash in Shadowfang Keep Normal Mode
- Fixed rare mob loot:
Note, some of these rares/rare elites are NOT spawned since they were added in 5.1 or later. They already have their data in our database though so for the future, they have their loot set as well.

Also added pickpocket loot where ne ... Click here to see the rest.
Recent Downtime
May 26, 2015, 12:57 PM by Chi
Hi everyone! We're not dead!

As you all might have noticed, our website and servers have been offline for roughly a week now. For those not in our Facebook group, or Google+, we've had some issues with our host. Because of this we had to look for a new host, which unfortunately took longer than expected because of real life circumstances.

Worry not, we are working our hardest to get the server itself back online now that we have our website and forums again.

Note, account creation and voting is still not working, this should be fixed after we get the realms back online again.

Thank you all for your incredible patience, and I hope to see you all ingame soon!


ps. If you haven't joined our groups on either/or Facebook and Google+ yet, I suggest ... Click here to see the rest.
April Fixes
May 1, 2015, 5:37 PM by Chi
April fixes

Shorter list this month because of some RL issues like this evil thing called a job.

- Bossy the cow now gives up her head for the sake of saving BB, you no longer have to actually kill her yourself. Poor Bossy :/
- Fixed loot in Eastern Plaguelands, won't see old world drops anymore (rares are still on the 'to do'-list)
- Fixed Book of Glyph Mastery missing the 3 new cata glyphs: Glyph of Berserk, Bladestorm and Spirit Tab. Get 3 more books and you can get them all :D
- Fixed Ahn'Qiraj quests
- Fixed Immunity for the Echo of Sylvanas in End Time
- Fixed Noblegarden Chocolate to stack at 250 instead of 20
- Fixed DMF Darmari, Horde Sailor, and DMF Cro Threadstrong model/lvl/status/etc
- Fixed Dented Crate loot, you are now always g ... Click here to see the rest.
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