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November Fixes
Dec 6, 2014, 10:23 AM by Chi
Something new that we're going to be adding every month are a list of fixes that we don't forget to write down and remember what we've been doing, that are not included in the major core updates, but some of which are important enough to mention. Expect an update each month!

November fixes

- Updated loot for TBC dungeons/heroics
- Updated health/level/mana for several npcs in Feralas and Felwood
- Hallow’s end quest text fixes
- Hallow’s end questorder fixes
- Hallow’s end Loot update on the Headless Horseman
- Fixed Pilgrim’s Bounty questorder and questtexts
- Winter’s veil questtext and questorder fixes
- Winter’s veil Christmas gifts loot added
- Redone skinning loot for Outlands and Northrend
- Vengeful Rage removed from the game, avoiding exploitable ... Click here to see the rest.
Pilgrim's Bounty Belf
Dec 1, 2014, 6:06 AM by Zero
Hey Belf Players,

I haven't been very attentive to you guys in the past due to my client being wonky. So for the next four days I will be helping you with Pilgrim's Bounty Achievements.

You can find me most of the time in the Gurubashi Arena, if you are there, you can kill me for The Turkinator Achievement,

If you bring me Six of each food type from Pilgrim's Bounty, Plus a minipet from each capital you will get Sharing Is Caring, as well as Pilgrim's Paunch.

If you fight me in a duel or another player while wearing Pilgrim Attire you will Get the Food Fight achievement.

If you do all this you will be handed the Pilgrim's Progress achievement due to Daily Quests not being set, which I will try to get working when I can. - Still not working. M ... Click here to see the rest.
Pilgrim's Bounty achievement hand-outs
Nov 28, 2014, 2:46 PM by Chi
Since there are a few persistent Pilgrim's Bounty achievements that refuse to work, and now there's a mini-pet and title involved, we will be having mini events to complete the following achievements:

- Food Fight
- Pilgrim's Paunch (for both Alliance and Horde)
- Pilgrim's Peril (Alliance only)
- Sharing is caring
- Terokkar Turkey Time

and possibly
- The Turkinator

This last achievement might be fixed before the event has ended though.

Details on what you have to do to receive these achievements will follow at a later moment. Be prepared to have to log between now and the end of the event (probably the 2nd of December) to be able to participate

We will do our best to have more achievements work when it comes around next year.
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